New Options For Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Your new home might not be built the way it used to - in fact, it might be coming to you on the road and be built in a climate controlled environment miles away from your homesite.

Clayton Homes launched a new marketing campaign today that might challenge everything you ever thought about manufactured housing. The home shown in the video was in Ft Worth, Texas and is built at the SE Homes of Texas plant - a division of Clayton Homes.

This is just the beginning, I've heard there are lots more great things to come!

Going In A Different Direction: Updating Your Countertops With Natural Stone

What's old is new again... consumers are choosing the times look of natural stone for their countertops, baths, and even walls.
Antolini is our favorite stone gallery, and talk about works of art - their slabs make us want to start remodeling the Home Idea Factory all over again!

Fortunately my sister decided to remodel her kitchen and add a Galley Sink so it's been a lot of fun working with her and sharing new trends. We shared the experience and why we love natural stone products so much on our Lifestylist blog.