Something Old, Something New

 Shiny, new homes, and products are great, but there is something about adding in a little vintage charm and character that can make a home even more special.

Lifestylist Inc hit the road this month and traveled to Roundtop, Texas for one of the largest, and most respected vintage sales in the country. 

As always, we found lots of great buys including these spectacular mid-century modern lighting fixtures. 

This blacklight art had to come home with us as well!

One of the things that this pandemic has made us aware of is how relevant (and fun!) shopping online can be, and we have expanded our Lifestylist Look shop at Lula B's to online shops on eBay Poshmark Mercari and Depop as well. It has been a great way to share our special finds with our followers all over the country, and we are adding new items daily. Please visit one of these stores to shop our Roundtop finds!

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